The Brogues love to ceilidh - they’ve been doing it for years, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. And they’d love to help you with your next one. With a history of organising dances and concerts for visitors on the Isle of Skye (home for two of them), they’ve since moved further afield, and have been involved in leading events across the UK and beyond.

Active in writing their own tunes, the band’s sound is grounded in Scottish traditional folk music, with a modern feel. They’re a versatile bunch, though, adept at throwing in the odd fun quirk every now and then, and they’ll happily sing you a song or two (English or Gaelic) - just ask!

In days gone by, almost every township or village in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland would have had a ‘ceilidh house’ - a place where people felt welcome, and found good company. It was here that folk shared the gift of entertaining each other in song, dance and story. It’s a custom that’s made Scotland famous throughout the world, and it’s this kind of atmosphere that the Brogues seek to create wherever they go.

So whatever your event - big or small - get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. It would be our joy to help.



David plays the drums
in a way that makes you smile
deep down in your soul.

Alan's cup of tea
are fiddle tunes that soar to carry
thoughts that can't be told.

Alastair brings
a skill-set as long as his hair
but less dark and curly.

When Grace plays the keys,
folk will dance and worries ease.
Makes us a quartet.